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3 simple ways that you could be breaking the law every day in your car

3 simple ways that you could be breaking the law every day in your car

  1. Having a snack

While there is no specific legislation that bans drivers from eating while driving, there is precedent to say that you could be fined or prosecuted for doing so. Essentially, if you feel that what you’re eating could distract you then don’t eat it.

  1. Checking your phone (even when the car is stationary)

All drivers know that using their phone while driving is illegal. Even so, how often do we see someone using one while speeding down a motorway? What you might not be aware of, though, is that it’s actually illegal to use your mobile phone in the driver’s seat if the engine is running, even if you’ve pulled in to a lay-by. Make the most of hands-free sets and in-car Bluetooth interfaces.


  1. Having your pets in the car

Many of us travel with our pets in the car. Although, like eating in the car, there is no specific legislation on travelling with pets, you could still get in trouble for letting your dogs wander about in the vehicle when you’re driving. The Highway Code recommends that pets should be restrained so that they cannot distract the driver. Indeed there is some debate about whether or not pets should be strapped in with a seatbelt

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