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According to INDICTA UK’s latest used car market report, the high demand for used cars continues. UK used car sales were up 17,1% in June 21. 16.6% up on the year to date.

This is despite the lock downs and a shortage of stock, apparently due to a lack of interest and a fall in new car sales.

Stock turn by fuel has been:

  • ICE was 13% up on 2020
  • BEV up 45%
  • Hybrids up 92%

The problem for dealers has been the hike in stock prices and making sure that they are not selling vehicles on the forecourt at too low a price.

The market continues to be volatile so there are good opportunities to make good profit – if you can get the stock.

The big news this month is of course the imminent hike in NI. We all know that government borrowing due to Covid19 has to be paid for but is this the fairest way to raise the cash?  I’m sure you have your own ideas.  I’m also prompted to ask is throwing more and more money at the NHS really the solution to the enormous problems they are having.

For me, although the extra NI is a burden, I have to say I’ll pay (maybe complain a bit) and hope that this extra cash does solve the NHS’s problems.

In the mean time I’ll do my best to help you with any legal or employment problems you might have and while I’m doing that I’ll drink tea and carry on.

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