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Lawdata shall grant to the Client non-exclusive rights to access and to use the Services upon the terms of the Agreement, which shall commence upon the date the Customer first subscribes to the Services (‘the Subscription Date’) and shall continue unless and until terminated by either Party pursuant to Clause 26. The Client shall make an agreed payment to Lawdata (‘The Subscription Fee’), in return to access and use the services and the provisions by Lawdata of legal telephone advice. The Subscription Fee shall be payable annually in advance, unless paid in accordance with clause 21. The First subscription Fee shall be payable on or before the Subscription Date and each subsequent Subscription Fee shall be invoiced by Lawdata prior to each anniversary of the Subscription date. Subscriptions must be paid annually in full, except were Lawdata express, in writing, their acceptance of the Subscription Fee by Standing Order.

In consideration of Lawdata Ltd agreeing to accept payment in instalments, the Client agrees that the initial subscription shall be for a minimum of 12 months and thereafter will be renewed annually unless cancelled in accordance with clause 26. Failure, by the Client, to pay any part of the Subscription Fee as and when due shall give Lawdata, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, the right to demand immediate payment of the whole Subscription Fee. Lawdata agrees, on the expiry of the initial 12-month period, to confirm, by statement, the Standing Order amounts received for the preceding subscription. Subscriptions run for a full year and credits will not be given for cancellations during the year. Lawdata’s liability in respect to any advice  obtained through its legal service shall be limited to the cost of the Customers annual subscription.