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“Do you know when you must provide a written statement of particulars of employment?”

“Do you know what the statement must include?”

“Do you know how long an employee can work for you before they can claim unfair dismissal? “

employment law

Employment law can be a minefield of complexities.

Lawdata prides itself on explaining the law and providing practical legal advice that is relevant to your business.

Lawdata has been advising clients on employment issues for a number of years and has recently witnessed a sharp increase in employment related actions.

However, what happens when everything gets difficult? A mistake can cost a packet

Our legal team has successfully defended actions, conducted reviews of correspondence relevant to employment, (offer letters, employment contracts, and dismissal/redundancy letters), written contracts and redundancy letters and assisted in the implementation of new employment policy.

Historically motor trade businesses have a high turnover of staff. It is therefore essential to ensure that the business has the right procedures in place right from the very start of the recruitment process.

Discrimination issues cannot simply be ignored; particular care must be taken to ensure that employees are not treated unfairly simply because they don’t fit in.

Ensuring that the business has basic policies in relation to discrimination issues, smoking, drinking, maternity leave, paternity leave, dependency leave and internet use may seem overly bureaucratic at the outset, but may prove to be invaluable when problems inevitably arise.

It is also vitally important to ensure that disciplinary and grievance procedures are followed to the letter. Getting it wrong will be expensive. Dismissal procedures apply to any dismissal, including redundancy and are vitally important.


Did You Know?

  • That most companies have sophisticated and complex backup systems for their computers that may record inbound and outbound communications and lawyers have every right to this material.
  • Recently a lady was awarded £1.4 million in compensation for sex discrimination, the crucial evidence was held on an e-mail system.
  • If you pay your employees late, then legally you’re in breach of contract. You may have to reimburse reasonable charges employees have incurred.
  • You’ve followed a fair procedure and concluded that an employee must be dismissed for gross misconduct. Naturally he’ll only be paid up to the time of dismissal. But what about accrued holiday pay? Accrued, but untaken holiday must be paid on termination even for gross misconduct. However a simple clause that says only a nominal sum is due, will get around the problem.


Thankfully We Do!

The Employment Law Helpline allows dealers to Defer problems to a team of specialist Employment Law advisers ensuring difficult situations are dealt with in the correct and most expedient manner.

In addition to unlimited access to the legal team, Employment Law Subscribers also benefit from:


  • Reference manuals covering Employment Law, Recruitment & Dismissal Procedures
  • A review of current employment/dismissal procedures
  • Contract writing service
  • Standard letters to cover common employment issues
  • Advertisement checking service for recruitment
  • Document Checks
  • Regular Bulletins advising on contentious issues and legal developments