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Reputation is everything

Your customers buy a car from you because they trust you. They do not have any expectation from a third party warranty company – they do have expectations from the dealer! With a Lawdata warranty you control the warranty payments, allowing you to settle any claims quickly and efficiently leaving you with a satisfied customer – a customer that is more likely to recommend you and buy from you again.

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What is a Lawdata warranty? 

Lawdata warranties are self-funding schemes, cutting out the middleman and offering a number of other benefits to both you and your customers.

 The benefits we offer you:

  • Put profit and cost control back in your hands
  • Reduce your costs through removal of the middleman
  • Flexible and easy to manage
  • Self-funding
  • Free from Insurance Premium Tax
  • Legally compliant and does not require authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Reclaim VAT on repairs
  • Full access to our Support Team Helpline offering both day to day advice, and a full conciliation service in the event of a dispute
  • Flexible and easy to manage

The benefits you will offer your customers:

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Fast and efficient settlement of claims
  • Simple and straightforward to understand
  • Outstanding satisfaction from a trusted dealership

nuts and bolts of our warrantiesThe nuts and bolts of the Lawdata warranty service

Lawdata warranties are available for use with both motor vehicles and motor cycles, and have been designed with maximum flexibility in mind.

This means you retain control over:

  • Servicing and repair work during the warranty period
  • The level and duration of the cover
  • The selling price, and therefore your margins
  • Whether or not to defer the claim against Corporation Tax (for limited Companies)
  • Your customer’s satisfaction

What you get from us with a LawData standard warranty

  • Dealer operating guide
  • Claims control register
  • Conciliation service
  • Full guidance and support
  • Personalised warranty booklets (optional)

Standard warranties available:

                                  CAR                              MOTORBIKE

Warranty Periods 5 standard periods between 3 and 36 months 5 standard periods between 3 and 36 months
Claims Limits £100 up to £1000 £100 up to £1000
Parts covered Mechanical breakdown of specific parts as outlined in 5 schemes Mechanical breakdown of specific parts as outlined in 3 schemes

The best ways to use our unique warranty service:

  • Step 1: On the proposal form, enter the term of the warranty, the claim limit, and the scheme number for parts coverage.


  • Step 2: Choose whether to include the warranty in the screen price, or make a separate charge. If you decide to charge separately you must display a warranty price list and show it as a separate charge on the invoice. Remember to include VAT at 20%.


  • Step 3: Find a good interest-bearing account for your warranty income, which will fund claims. This will then form your profit after all claims have been paid.


  • Step 4: Assign an individual identification number to each warranty, such as the invoice number, or the stock number assigned to the vehicle in question.


  • Step 5: Remind the customer that their warranty will be invalidated if they do not maintain their servicing schedule and keep their vehicle in good repair. This may give you the opportunity to gain additional servicing revenue, either directly or through a garage affiliated to you.


  • Step 6: In the event of a claim, follow the procedures detailed in the Dealer Operating Guide.

Warranty Claim Service

How does Lawdata Warranty Claim Service Operate?

  • At the point of sale customers are provided with a professionally produced booklet detailing the full terms and conditions of the warranty.
  • Customers wishing to make a warranty claim call Lawdata on a dedicated telephone number, answered by trained staff.
  •  The Lawdata claims department will then follow the previously agreed procedure and instructions from the Dealer and advise the customer to take the vehicle to a repair centre for investigation of the customer’s concerns.
  • On receipt of a diagnosis Lawdata will make a decision on authorization for the work to be carried out. Where appropriate the dealer will be consulted to ensure a balance between the terms of the warranty and competing interest of profit and customer service.
  • Claim refusals to be verified by Lawdata’s team of legal professionals.
  • Irrespective of the outcome of the claim all customers will receive a highly personal and seamless level of service
  • The Dealership will regularly update Lawdata with the full details of all warranties sold. It is envisaged that at the outset this would be by sending Lawdata a copy of the proposal form, whether by fax or post.
  • Schedules of appropriate labour costs and authorisation procedures will be drawn up and agreed by both parties. These schedules will apply to all claims.

Lawdata will provide regular updates on the status and cost of claims in progress. It is stressed that such information would be provided purely for information, and that individual authorisation would not normally be expected unless specifically requested.


Then give us a call on 01767 601021 or email us at: with your details, and a member of the team will call you to discuss the benefits in more detail.

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